Help speed up your metabolism with nature’s goodness

Nature is known to have provided humans with natural remedies for a host of ailments. Herbal supplements are man’s way of packing up nature in a bottle and making it easily available to people sitting tucked away in concrete jungles.

One such herbal supplement that has picked up in popularity over the last few years is made from extracts from the fruit ‘garcinia cambogia’. This tropical fruit is grown in Southeast Asia and is known for its ability to boost metabolism and suppress appetite.

A rage among women, it is being propagated as a favored tool for helping catalyze the process of weight loss.
Not to be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, garcinia cambogia herbal supplements are said to help contribute to your health and fitness.

Let us see how this may be possible by understanding, first of all, the basics of how we get fat in the first place.

Lack of exercise

When we are unable to burn up calories obtained from food, certain enzymes help convert carbohydrates into fat.

Unhealthy food intake

Low serotonin levels in our body may motivate us to eat unhealthy food that bolsters the fat storage process.

In certain cases, despite living a healthy lifestyle, people may find it difficult to lose weight. This may be because they possess a slow metabolism.

Slow metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which what we eat and drink is converted into energy.

If you have a slow metabolism, it implies that this essential process of converting food into energy isn’t working as efficiently as it can and this may lead to weight gain.

What does garcinia cambogia do?

The rind of the fruit garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA has been shown, through scientific research and case studies, to help aid weight loss.
A herbal supplement with at least 50% HCA extract combined with chromium, calcium and/or potassium salts has the following effects on the body upon timely intake in the right quantity:

* The HCA supplement aids weight loss by inhibiting citrate lyase; a key enzyme that the body needs to turn carbohydrates into fat.
As a result, the body begins to burn down stored fat for its energy needs.

* As HCA aids the breakdown of stored fat, it provides you with renewed energy which can make it easier for you to exercise regularly.

* It increases serotonin levels in the body. A lack of serotonin can lead to a dip in your mood and a craving for ‘comfort food’ that is usually unhealthy in nature. With an increased serotonin, you feel better and do not crave for sugary, processed food.

* HCA suppresses appetite by increasing the satisfaction you receive on eating food.

The spurt in energy and surge in the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin, can help do away with sluggishness and impulsive overeating.

Garcinia camborgia and its derived supplements have been endorsed for women’s health on the popular Dr. Oz show to further bolster the authenticity of related claims.

With an 80% HCA extract, Quality Nature is a brand that has gotten rave reviews for its garcinia cambogia herbal supplement.
The one significant aspect of Quality Nature is its scientifically sound formulation of the product.
According to a few guidelines regarding the appropriate use of HCA supplements, issued by Harry Preuss, researcher and pathologist, in a paper he co-authored for the Alliance for Natural Health, 2013; the supplement must have a 1:1 or higher ratio of calcium, potassium or magnesium salts along with the HCA extract. These salts help aid in the easy absorption of HCA by the body.
The Quality Nature weight loss supplements have Garcinia Camborgia extracts along with the required salts.

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The Issue of Electronic Health Records and Privacy

Privacy has been a right for a very long time when dealing with medical records, the laws is made by each state government. Plus the honorable tradition of doctor-patient privilege has been a method of protecting a patient’s privacy. It has become an issue.

In 2003 the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a federal bill that was passed set guidelines for keeping health records private nationally. The biggest problem with this is that it only applies to electronic health records. The other problem is that it only concerns medical records kept by health plans, doctors, and other health care providers, and health clearinghouses. The health care providers means: dental, medical, and mental doctors, pharmacists, laboratories, hospitals and other staff. But the information has to be organized and sent electronically for the HIPAA to apply to them.

The conundrum is that a person’s health information is in existence somewhere besides his doctor’s office or the hospital, health plans and the like. The places that have files containing your medical information that aren’t guarded by HIPAA are financial companies, educational institutions, and job related offices. These are all candidates for situations in which your health records could be in jeopardy.

Many people haven’t heard of the Medical Information Bureau. It isn’t subject to the HIPAA guidelines. It is a primary database used by insurance companies. It houses medical information. Around fifteen million United States citizens and Canadians are filed in this database. Codes are used in these files that stand for particular health issues/problems. Since MIB is a consumer reporting agency it is covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It gives the consumer the right to get a copy of his report and to make the MIB fix any spurious information.

The insurance companies also have two places to look for a person’s medical drug history: MedPoint and Intelliscript. They keep databases of this information. The records can transverse a five-year period. Insurance companies sometimes use some of this data to reject a request for insurance coverage completely, for particular health condition or the premiums for that person could go up.

It wasn’t until 2007 that most people knew about MedPoint and Intelliscript. That was when the Federal Trade Commission sued the owners of these two companies. The commission stated that the Fair Credit Reporting Act applied to them. Any person that has made an application for individual health, life or disability insurance can ask for and receive a copy of the report.

Electronic health records compiled by a person’s doctor, dentist or hospital could be very useful and a good way for the record to be sent to another doctor. But other electronic records of a health nature are kept by people that it is questionable should have them. The consumer does have some protection concerning these electronic health records maintained by people catering to the insurance companies, but should these keepers of the medical database exist and why should they have our records anyway?

Health Insurance Options For Young Adults

Health insurance options for young adults are nearly the most affordable plans available to people. Obtaining health insurance in your early twenties typically means you have obtained insurance while you are in reasonably good health and live a fairly active lifestyle. Many insurance companies are eager to gain the business of young adults just starting out in their career paths because this means they have the potential to keep these people as clients for many years to come.

Having health insurance is a great benefit because it allows you to regularly go to the doctor, and even the dentist and eye doctor, without paying extraordinary sums out of pocket. Paying for health and medical treatments out of pocket can rapidly surmount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a short amount of time. All it takes is a broken arm or leg or a simple accident from a sports injury or car accident for hospital and other medical bills to begin piling up quickly. The same goes for coming down with a flu or pneumonia which puts a person into the hospital.

Young adults, though generally in good physical health, are always prone to being in an accident or coming down with an unexpected illness. Having the benefit of having a good health insurance policy in place can make a large difference in whether or not the adult is able to receive proper treatment so he or she can recover in an expected and desirable amount of time. People left without insurance have difficulty paying for medical expenses and often are unable to get the medical attention needed.

Starting out your young adult life prepared with health insurance will help you to be able to deal more effectively with problems of a health nature which may arise. Small health issues which can easily be treated can turn to large health problems if you are not able to go to a doctor to be seen. Following a budget and getting health insurance through a place of employment is an ideal way to obtain health insurance that is affordable. However, many young adults are entrepreneurs or work for a company which does not provide health insurance options.

If you are a young adult in need of health insurance, you can search online or through community insurance agencies and begin price comparing. It is also important to read customer reviews to ensure that current and previous clients of the insurance agencies you are considering are reputable and satisfy their customers by providing quality service.

As a young adult, you face many options to invest in an affordable health insurance plan which can benefit you dramatically for a long time. Being able to see the doctor for regular check-ups and to have preventative treatment and prescribed antibiotics available when needed can allow you to remain in good health and to continue working on the career path you have just started out on. Researching options and comparing prices and companies for health insurance will help you to find a reliable health insurance policy.

Coconut Oil Benefits Health – A Key to Healthy Living

What is Health?

Health is a condition of a person wherein the mind and body is free from any pain, injury or illness. A person is defined to be in good health if and only if he/she is fit mentally and physically both. A key to a longer life is indeed a Healthy Living. There are various Health articles that guide people for health living and eating.


In this fast paced and stressful life taking care of one’s health is getting ignored. If we don’t find ourselves mentally or physically healthy, then life does not sound good. It is very essential to maintain a balance between our Health and other activities in environment. Exercises, Yoga, Pranayam, Jogging, sports activities, etc enable us to live a healthy life.


In order to live a Healthy living, it is mainly essential to practice Healthy Eating. Eating healthy means that our food and beverage items must be a balanced combination of essential nutrients, proteins, minerals, fibers, carbohydrates, iron, vitamins, etc… A balanced intake of wheat, cereals, vegetables, fruits, oils, etc… is very essential. These items actually form our food and dietary items. Inclusion of essential oils in our diet is equally important. There are different types of Oils which have their own nutritional values. They are mustard oil, sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, etc.

But one such oil that benefits the human body is Coconut Oil. Preparing food in coconut oil is a major trend in the Southern part of India. The Coconut Oil Benefits Health by giving numerous benefits to the human health. The coconut oil helps in rejuvenating and enhancing the texture of hair and skin. It helps in enabling a good digestion system and increases metabolism rate. In a way, it helps in losing weight and in lowering the cholesterol levels. The body’s immunity system also gets channelized more effectively. Patients who are suffering from kidney related problems, cancer, HIV, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart diseases and low bone strength have felt positive results after consumption of coconut oil.

Fruits play a major role for a good health. Nature has gifted us with various fruits that act wonder for our health. Apple, Banana, Orange, Guava, Water Melon, Musk Melon, Grapes, Raspberry, Mulberry, Malta, Kiwi, etc are various fruits that are rich in Vitamins, Fibers and mineral content. There is one fruit which we tend to forget upon is Pomegranate.. The whole fruit, leaf, root, seeds, dried bark and fruit rind are a mixed bag of essential benefits for the health. Pomegranate benefits health by acting as an antioxidant for the body. It is beneficial for women as consuming its juice will help in destroying the cells of breast cancer. Later, it nurtures the healthy cells in the breast. For men, the juice acts a recovering agent after prostate cancer operation. This fruit has a positive effect on the cardio vascular, skeletal and nervous health of human beings and animals. Pomegranate helps in curing depression. It is good for heart. The blood vessels get energized. It helps in strengthening the bones.